Works in progress.

Everything you see beyond this point is incomplete, awaiting development, likely broken, and provided for testing purposes only.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Give me a shout on twitter or email.

Status : Alpha

Platform : Browser (free)

A procedurally generated 4X RPG adventure-like, about a tiny Hero, and his intrepid band of Vikings, struggling to survive the hardships of the Frozen North.

Warning : The alpha build may be unstable, and prone to being updated without warning, but if you accept the risk, feel free to take a sneak peek. Force reload and reset the game before each session.

Play V is for Viking Alpha

Explore a procgen cave and discover some interesting stuff in this relaxing and vaguely delightful platformer.

Nerdy little side projects :

Game of life
Cellular Automata.

Cave generator, based on

Binary Bitmap Editor
Create and share funky retro pixel art.