Learning Media

Learning Media

Learning Media

Learning media is a step for a teacher to give direction to students in recognizing the types of lessons provided. Many teachers are always looking for ideas to teach their students. There are so many types of media that are used for students to learn.

As long as we are students, of course, we have seen teachers bring some examples in teaching. This example is a way for students to know the types and become a learning tool in learning activities at school. The way of teaching is very unique and makes students not get bored while studying. Eyewareinteractive

Growing system

Every teacher has a different way of teaching. Likewise, all students around the world have different ways of learning and understanding lessons. The modern era continues to develop giving a lot of extraordinary sophistication. This development is also able to increase knowledge in the community.

Teachers in the field of education are not spared from modern progress. With sophisticated technology, it is able to improve a good learning system for students. Almost all educators improve their teaching methods so that students can also develop. But there are also teachers who do not do it because they have several reasons that could affect the way children learn.

getting to know the media//read

Intermediary tool

Maybe many teachers are surprised by the presence of innovation in learning. Before implementing a learning system for students, teachers must first know the learning system through learning media. It may look easy but it’s actually a little difficult. This can happen because each student has a different level of understanding.

Every time they start teaching, of course, teachers can get to know their students from the way they receive lessons. There are already several experts who have different opinions about learning media. From this opinion, it can be stated that learning media is an intermediary and media that informs the world of education.

Types of media

There is also another opinion that says that learning media is only a means to present material. From these opinions, it has been proven that learning media can be a tool to present lessons as well as provide information about lessons.

Learning media can actually be done anywhere. Without us realizing it can help stimulate the child’s brain and the value of understanding also increases.

There are many types of learning media that we can use, such as:

From audio

A system that invites us to use the senses of the listener. The tools used are usually radio, tape, telephone, language lab, and others.


Media that drives vision. Sometimes a hearing is also less we can do by seeing. Visual media is a medium that is often used by many people in the teaching system. Such as from photos, paintings, videos, and pictures.

There are also visuals and audio

Both types of teaching tools are complete with seeing and hearing. It can be from video media that moves and also gives sound in every movement.

All-in-one media

Aids in the learning and teaching process. Inanimate objects commonly used by teachers to teach such as
blackboards, image recording devices, and many other types.

Learning can be done anywhere without having to look for a far place. You can study in the park while getting to know nature, or you can also learn to introduce some pictures from photos and museums.

Offline media

Offline media

Offline media is a medium that can help promote a product. If we look at the working system, it is now better known as the online system. Which is where all advertisements and types of work can be done with the help of the internet. Living in a big city with high pay will certainly make many people come to work in the city in droves.

The available facilities are more complete and easier to work with. Offline media in the city is not very popular because there are so many entrepreneurs and people who prefer to use it online. To be able to expedite and attract people’s interest with offline media, they must bring offers to the village.


Eyewareinteractive – Maybe many people don’t know about offline media. To be able to introduce offline media, we can set an example to the community and citizens. Several types of offline:
Billboards and much more
If you still don’t understand, you can give some descriptions of online media. Give examples and show the types of media.

Making promotions

An offline media entrepreneur will certainly do an interesting promotion to attract the hearts of customers. to attract their attention we can make promotions through banners, brochures, and so on. With attractive promotions and unique icon images, they will be interested in using offline media.

provide many benefits//Banner

To make a promotion so that it sells, all you have to do is install a brochure in a crowded and strategic place. Close to shops and also where residents live. In every promotional writing you have to apply a word that can attract people’s attention such as giving price promos, discounts, bonuses and others.


Using an OfflineMedia system also provides many benefits for users such as sales. A salesperson will go from house to house and shop to shop looking for customers. the first thing they do is take out a catalog and explain the types of products they offer.
Of course we can know from the benefits, namely:

Can help sales introduce their products
Buyers can see the product
Increase the number of orders and more.
Also has downsides such as:

Uses a lot of money
Promotion can only be in certain places
Decreased sales and others.

Mass media

Mass media

Mass media is a medium that collects a lot of information from various places. Media can also be a means of communication. A tool that will convey a lot of news from the wider community. His presence is able to convey a lot of news such as important news from foreign countries and it can also be domestic news.

To be able to get the latest news, we can see it through television, radio, and newspapers. No less than all communication tools, film has also become one of the MassMedia. Of course, many think that the MassMedia is a medium that only spreads gossip.

Media prowess

Eyewareinteractive – Although the mass media can be a tool to spread important news. Both domestic and foreign news. It looks trivial but actually, the mass media can be a deadly tool for all people. Every news is able to raise the opinion of the people around him. So don’t deal with the mass media.

It has been proven the greatness of the MassMedia. The things that the mass media have done as a deadly tool are:
Capable of attracting a lot of public attention
Through mass media, people can express their opinions
Often there are positive and negative responses
Become an appraisal tool
Submit information
The presence of MassMedia can also be a news tool that can boost someone’s life to become more famous. Various types of companies also always invite the mass media in launching new products.

3 things make up news

Seems to put out a lot of breaking news for everyone. The mass media is also not just spreading the news. The news they make is based on their opinions and the means of the information they get. Many people think that the mass media are just giving out the news. But you also have to know that to make MassMedia the best means of communication, you have to arrange some content and words so that there are no mispronunciations.

the power of mass media//teruptudate

There are 3 contents in the media, namely:

News: in watching the news we will see some pictures, photos, and sound in each broadcast. There are also videos that are broadcast to report events in important places. News can be done live.
Opinions: every pieces of news that Are conveyed can trigger many opinions from many people. From this opinion can form a decision. The form of opinion can change a person’s thinking.
Essay: a tool for combining opinions and news. Writing has its own characteristics.


Although the MassMedia can be a means of communication for the wider community. Mass media also has other functions that are good for society. There are many people who express opinions about mass media such as:
As a means of entertaining
Providing entertainment
Hypnotized by every broadcast – Eyewareinteractive

Various types of information in the news and much more
The MassMedia is not just one or two people who move, but the MassMedia also has many important roles. One company is able to move many people to make the mass media move.


Not only in one field but many types of MassMedia, such as:
television news
social media
Radio and more
Once the mass media hears the news that is going viral, they will immediately look for the information until they get it.



Paparazzi is a word we often hear when on television or in film dramas. Many think that the paparazzi are journalists looking for celebrity info. Many celebrities avoid the paparazzi when they go out. Maybe many are asking – Ask what is paparazzi and how the presence of paparazzi

Paparazzi’s name is taken from the Italian language which means photographer. Freelancing photographers always follow famous actresses or actors. They will take photos secretly and without being noticed by the famous actress or actor. Paparazzi are the enemy of celebrities. Every action and deed of celebrities is always snooped on by the paparazzi.

Get the best photos

Eyewareinteractive – It’s tiring to have to cat-cat with the paparazzi. The Paparazzi are not bound by any employment contract. So that every photo they can sell directly to the mass media. So celebrities have to be extra careful when they’re out of the house. In this case, even amateur photographers can be a big threat to all famous people. Amateur photographer can be done by anyone? As long as they manage to get a good photo, they can sell the photo to the mass media. they are sometimes also paid by the company to get photos that can make news.

In this case, even amateur photographers can be a big threat to all famous people. Amateur photographer can be done by anyone? As long as they manage to get a good photo, they can sell the photo to the mass media. they are sometimes also paid by the company to get photos that can make news.

Everything becomes his target

We know that the paparazzi are always troubling famous people including celebrities. This has led some people to come up with another term for paparazzi. There are many names of terms that can outwit everyone. The actions of these photographers are really very disturbing to everyone. Not only for famous people who become their target but ordinary people can also be their target.

often get into legal trouble//photo

No wonder the paparazzi are always in trouble with the law. To avoid being chased by the police, they have to go undercover while working, my friend. Just like a big-time criminal who has to disguise himself and peek at the behavior of the person he is after. No wonder because of their actions, many artists or actors are afraid to leave the house.

Life and the negative side

The paparazzi also have a hard time doing their job. They are also ordinary people who need living expenses and jobs that make money. Only with a new camera and determination can form a very expensive selling price. Not the little money they get while working.

Must take legal action when caught taking photos of others. They also have to sacrifice a lot of time to snoop and can get good photos. Like a detective always watching the movements of the person in his target. However, the paparazzi also have a negative side that can make other people disadvantaged, such as:
Likes to sneak
Invading other people’s privacy
Make people anxious
The results of photos that can reduce the prestige of others
Easy to get panic attacks and much more

How to overcome

Since the incident of taking excessive photos makes people’s lives uncomfortable. The way to deal with it can be something like:

If there is something suspicious around you then try to be calm
Make sure that every activity outside the home is not done alone
Disguising doesn’t need to be excessive

Free online games

Free online games

Free online games are games that can be played without having to pay for them. Different types of games are available to please gamers. Each type has a way of playing games that are so amazing. It’s just that there are rarely people who know that free online games can also provide fun while playing.

Most game makers will set a price on every game they make. It’s just that the price they offer is really very expensive, making some players think twice when they want to own this game. There are also gaming sites that gamers can enjoy in their spare time.

Device is full

Eyewareinteractive – Sometimes it’s hard to find online gaming sites. Because there are so many types of sites available. Gamers must be careful when choosing the site. Logging in and searching through the website will be easy. there are times when you want to play at home without having to go out. Now there is no need to worry anymore because in playing gamers can play using a smartphone.

Smartphones are small devices that can accommodate many types of applications. Only smartphones have different amounts of storage space. Of course, gamers will feel happy to be able to play games with smartphones. But this actually makes the phone memory full and the game is not smooth because it is choked by a smartphone device that is not strong.

Game site

Of course, gamers should think twice when downloading game applications. But gamers don’t need to bother looking for games anymore because there are game sites that gamers can use without having to download. With this site, there are lots of games that gamers can play. Free online games don’t cost much.

can play with smartphone//games

Of course, many experienced gamers already know what types of gaming sites are available and are free of charge. Unlike the players who are still new to the game site. The following are the names of game sites that gamers can visit, namely:


A very popular gaming site among gamers. There are various types of games that can be played when you want to compete with other gamers. No need to register, you can play the game right away.
Free online games
Play games without paying. There are three-dimensional games and to be able to join the free online game site gamers must register to become a member first in order to be able to play the game.


Has a large collection of exciting games and many types of game variants available. To play gamers can register to become a member. Registration can be done using Facebook, or game email. Can choose the type of game that gamers want
There will be many types of games that gamers can choose based on their group. Don’t forget to join this site via email or Facebook.
The development of the game continues to make many gamers continue to be curious about new games. The site owners also continue to develop the games they have so that gamers don’t get bored with the available system. Gamers also no longer need to be confused when playing it because the system has been updated and has become sophisticated. Eyewareinteractive

Playing games through google play is the same as game sites?

When playing games on Google Play, is very different from game sites. There are many games on google play. But gamers must download the game first using a quota or the internet in order to get the game. While the game site does not need to download, you can directly play and choose as many games as you want.

Queen cleopatra

Queen cleopatra cash connection

This time we will invite gamers to visit Queen Cleopatra’s place. Yes, Queen Cleopatra is a beautiful and great Egyptian queen. His leadership was able to make many people prosperous. Visiting the land of gold is certainly a sign of pleasure for us. Meet the queen and see some collectibles from the queen of egypt.

There is a place that only the queen can open. By using her immense power the place will open and reveal some of the abundant treasures in the queen’s chambers. To be able to get treasure and victory gamers must be able to satisfy the queen of Egypt.


Eyewareinteractive – Play games that have Egyptian symbols full of wins and jackpot values ​​that gamers can take home. There are 5 reels of 3 rows that witness the game’s victory. When successfully forming each symbol, gamers will get paid from Queen Cleopatra as much as 10 types of wins.

Inside the reels the queen will release a power that can open the jackpot door and spin lock. In getting the jackpot, it can be by presenting it when building strength or collecting it. The available jackpots are mini, major, minor and grand.

Button set the bet amount

To play it gamers must prepare real money. Maybe many are asking why it has to be with real money? Because the Queen Cleopatra game can only be played with the value of the money bet, not with free games. Set the value of the bet and press the button to be able to reduce or increase the amount of the bet.

jackpot from the queen//lots of coins

No need to use long the button can be directly pressed below the game screen. Also enjoy the game’s automatic play. Which can make gamers don’t need to press buttons and just wait for the results from the Queen Cleopatra game. In the automatic game the reels will spin themselves and form a value directly.

Go to game info

The symbols available in the queen cleopatra game are a photo of the queen, wild, snake bracelet, dog pating with wings, necklace with the ra eye logo, the power of the queen, and A, K, Q, J, and 10. There are many more types of symbols available. found in the game queen cleopatra. Pressing [I] will find many symbols and their values.

The wild symbol is a sign that can replace all but the power of the queen and scatter. In the wild will form a value if the gamer manages to get 3 symbols of the same or more will get coins. In getting coins you can also use a combination of symbols. Scatter will form a value without having to form a combination value.

Spin lock

Wherever the scatter is present, gamers can get their own additional value. When on the reels gamers get 6 signs of the queen’s strength, the door will open and the spin lock is active. The locked power will collect again until it gets a lot of power to be able to get Queen Cleopatra’s treasure.

Every power present will give gamers a chance to spin the reels for free. When the opportunity to spin the reels has run out, the power will explode and form a winning value for gamers. Each symbol in the game queen cleopatra has a golden shape color. Which will help gamers more easily get treasures from the queen of Egypt.

Gamers who have managed to get the power of the queen don’t just do it once. The more the queen’s power continues to be present and activate the spin lock, the easier and faster chance to win.

Day of Dead

Day of Dead – Pragmatic Play

Slot Online Day of dead dari pragmatic play akan memberi tingkat volatilitas permainan tinggi. Slot Day of dead akan memicu juga 20 cara dalam mencapai nilai pembayaran. Dalam slot Day of dead bettor yang mengakhiri permainan ini akan diberikan nilai RTP 96.49%. namun saat bettor yang melakukan pembelian free spins maka nilai RTP yang akan diterima berbeda yaitu 96.5%. pada slot Day of dead bettor dapat melakukan minimal nilai taruhan 0.2 dan nilai maksimal taruhan ada 100.

Nilai Pembayaran

Eyewareinteractive – Semua simbol yang ada pada slot Day of dead akan terjadi nilai pembayaran apabila ada simbol sejenis dan saling berdekatan. Berikut adalah nilai dari simbol Day of dead

– Pria yang menggunakan pakaian berwarna merah hanya 3 simbol ada nilai 30, 4= 90 dan 5= 300.

– Wanita yang menggunakan aksesoris di rambut hanya 3 simbol ada nilai 20, 4= 60 dan 5= 200.

– Gadis yang sangat kurus hanya 3 simbol ada nilai 15, 4= 45 dan 5= 150.

– Anjing yang kurus dan mungil hanya 3 simbol ada nilai 12, 4= 35 dan 5= 120.

– Gitar yang ada pada permainan hanya 3 simbol ada nilai 10, 4= 30 dan 5= 100.

– Gendang yang ada pada permainan hanya 3 simbol ada nilai 8, 4= 25 dan 5= 80.

– Simbol marakas yang ada pada permainan hanya 3 simbol ada nilai 7, 4= 20 dan 5= 70.

– Tanda club yang berwarna hijau yang ada pada permainan hanya 3 simbol ada nilai 5, 4= 15 dan 5= 50.

– Diamond yang ada pada permainan hanya 3 simbol ada nilai 5, 4= 15 dan 5= 50.

– Love yang ada pada permainan hanya 3 simbol ada nilai 4, 4= 12 dan 5= 40.

– Spade yang ada pada permainan hanya 3 simbol ada nilai 4, 4= 12 dan 5= 40.

– Tulisan WIlD yang ada pada permainan hanya 3 simbol ada nilai 30, 4= 90 dan 5= 300. Wild yang ada pada permainan akan menggantikan seluruh wild. Namun wild yang berwarna kehijauan tidak mampu mengganti simbol wild yang berwarna pink keunguan dan scatter. 

hadirnya wild expand//simbol

– Wild yang berwarna ungu ke pink merupakan wild yang memperluas. Saat wild yang satu ini muncul pada gulungan akan memicu free spins. Simbol kuburan yang merupakan wild expands akan melakukan perjalanan apabila muncul dalam perputaran. Dengan mengelilingi reels demi mendapatkan nilai pembayaran.

Free Spins

Scatter yang ada pada permainan ialah kepala tengkorak. Simbol scatter yang ada pada permainan akan hadir pada reels 1, 3 dan 5.  munculnya 3 scatter memicu free spins. Dan pada free spins ada simbol wild expands yang akan muncul untuk melakukan kolaborasi simbol pembayaran. Hadirnya wild pada free spins akan melakukan perjalanan dari reels satu ke reels lainnya. Dalam free spins akan ada 2 simbol wild expands yang akan di berikan kepada bettor. Peluang wild expands akan muncul secara langsung dan pastinya akan memberikan babak permainan yang seru. 

Bettor yang akan melakukan pembayaran pada free spins bisa dilakukan dengan mudah. Tidak ada bedanya bettor yang melakukan free spins secara manual atau membeli. Karena cara bermain sama – sama akan memperoleh nilai pembayaran.

Captain Gold Fortune

Captain Gold Fortune – Spadegaming

Slot Online Captain Gold Fortune akan memberikan 5 reels dengan 50 paylines. Semua simbol dari kiri ke kanan akan terbayarkan secara langsung termasuk scatter. Semua simbol yang mencapai nilai pembayaran tertinggi akan terbayarkan secara langsung. Slot online Captain Gold Fortune akan membuat bettor merasa senang pasalnya ada babak free game dan babak bonus. Bukan permainan biasa pastinya dan jarang sekali ada slot online yang memberikan begitu banyak babak permainan. 

Slot online Captain Gold Fortune memiliki latar belakang permainan di sebuah ruangan yang cukup besar, sebab terlihat di samping kanan kiri terdapat gagang anak tangga di dalamnya. Apabila anda melihat dengan seksama ternyata itu bukan anak tangga didalam rumah, melainkan di sebuah kapal. Seorang bajak laut ini ternyata tidak membuat kapal yang biasa saja, melainkan barang mewah. Tidak heran kenapa para bajak laut sangat kaya meski pakaiannya biasa saja. 

Nilai pembayaran

– Scatter ialah wanita cantik berambut panjang kemerahan. Ada 3 scatter maka nilainya 2.5. 3 simbol scatter membawa babak putaran gratis. Scatter akan muncul pada reels 1, 2 dan 3. Eyewareinteractive

– Wild ialah simbol pria bajak laut. Dengan adanya wild pada permainan maka bettor akan mencapai nilai kemenangan. Wild akan muncul pada reels mana saja kecuali reels 1. 

– Bonus ialah simbol tengkorak emas. Simbol bonus akan hadir pada reels 1,2 dan 3. 

– Meriam yang terdapat 3 simbol ada nilai 0.2, 4= 1 dan 5= 5.

– Kotak harta karun yang terdapat 3 simbol ada nilai 0.15, 4= 0.5 dan 5= 2.5.

– Jangkar yang terdapat 3 simbol ada nilai 0.15, 4= 0.5 dan 5= 2.5.

– Teropong yang terdapat 3 simbol ada nilai 0.15, 4= 0.45 dan 5= 2.

– Tong yang terdapat 3 simbol ada nilai 0.15, 4= 0.45 dan 5= 2.

– A yang terdapat 3 simbol ada nilai 0.1, 4= 0.25 dan 5= 1.5.

banyak harta karun//bajak laut

– K yang terdapat 3 simbol ada nilai 0.1, 4= 0.25 dan 5= 1.5.

– Q yang terdapat 3 simbol ada nilai 0.1, 4= 0.25 dan 5= 1.25.

– J yang terdapat 3 simbol ada nilai 0.1, 4= 0.25 dan 5= 1.25.

– 10 yang terdapat 3 simbol ada nilai 0.1, 4= 0.15 dan 5= 1.

– 9 yang terdapat 3 simbol ada nilai 0.1, 4= 0.15 dan 5= 1.

Free Game

Slot online yang ada pada Captain Gold Fortune akan memberikan nilai putaran gratis apabila ada 3 scatter yang muncul. Selama free spins muncul maka bettor akan di berikan 15x putaran gratis. Dalam babak free spins akan ada simbol wild yang muncul dengan memperluas reels. 

Bonus Game

Muncul 3 simbol bonus tentu saja bettor akan di ajak kedalam babak bonus. Jumlah babak bonus yang diberikan ialah 5x. Dalam babak bonus akan ada simbol yang mampu memberikan nilai sesuai simbol yang muncul. Simbol yang dimaksud dan nilainya ialah 

– Mini nilainya x1 dari total bet.

– Minor nilainya x3 dari total bet.

– Major nilainya x4 dari total bet.

– Mega nilainya x8 dari total bet.

– Grand nilainya x20 dari total bet.

Permainan ini akan memberikan anda salah satu nilai, apabila anda berhasil menemukan 3 simbol sejenis untuk memicu nilai. Apabila dalam permainan anda memperoleh simbol sejenis mega, maka ada nilai 8x dari total bet yang akan di berikan. 

Bisnis Parfum

Bisnis Brand Parfum Sendiri Agar Berkembang

Tepat sekali untuk anda yang akan melakukan bisnis parfum namun tidak mengerti mau kemana dan bagaimana. Kali ini anda akan mendapatkan banyak sekali informasi menarik terkait usaha parfum. Tidak sedikit orang yang memiliki usaha parfum  namun masih belum naik penjualannya. Namun bagi kalian yang usaha apapun itu jangan ragu dan terus kembangkan ide kreatif agar orang – orang mau membeli produk kamu. Memang tidak sulit apabila ingin melakukan penjualan pada produk apapun, sebab kelemahan para penjual ialah strategi marketing. Kali ini 

Tentukan Target Market

Eyewareinteractive – Memang sangat di butuhkan sekali ketentuan target market. Jadi anda harus pahami dan tidak memaksakan kemana arus penjualan nantinya. Semakin anda pintar mencari market maka peluang produk habis sangat cepat sekali. Apalagi jika kamu penjual parfum dengan promosi di media sosial dengan memberikan tampilan terbaik dan terpukau.. dijamin gak bakal anda percaya jika penjualan bisa sampai dengan sold out dalam waktu sekejap.

Logo, Desain, Kemasan dan Bentuk Botol

Tentu saja semua itu saling berhubungan, jika anda yang ingin melakukan usaha apapun harus memikirkannya secara benar agar anda tidak salah arah. Bentuk botol dan aroma sangat mempengaruhi sekali daya minat pembeli. Apabila anda membuka usaha parfum dekat dengan lokasi masjid atau dekat banyak penduduk maka nantinya anda harus pahami parfum apa yang cocok bagi para pembeli. 

cek lokasi//Meracik

Selain desain botol, anda juga perlu perhatikan desain kemasannya bagaimana? Apakah akan menggunakan kardus, kotak kado, box arloji atau apapun yang menurut anda aman. Jika parfum anda ingin di kenal dengan parfum mahal lebih baiknya anda pikirkan sematang – matang mungkin. Apabila anda yang masih bingung akan kemasan seperti apa, tidak ada salahnya anda membeli salah 1 parfum dengan harga yang anda sesuaikan. Ada kemungkinan anda bisa memiliki bayangan parfum seperti apa yang akan anda kemas. 

Menentukan dimana belinya 

Jika kamu adalah pebisnis yang masih baru dan minim modal lebih baiknya mencari pabrik parfum dengan menerima pembuatan parfum dengn brand sendiri dengan kuantiti kecil. Tidak ada salahnya memang memiliki usaha yang minimal namun kamu bisa melakukannya dengan baik. Biasanya partai kecil pengambilan parfum ada pada kisaran 50 botol. Pembelian atau melakukan order brand parfum bisa anda dapatkan di tokopedia, lazada atau shopee. Kamu harus tanyakan betul dan secara detail, berapa harga per kardusnya atau berapa keseluruhan dalam hitungan paket. Jangan sampai anda hanya asal beli namun anda justru salah dalam menentukan harga.


Tidak ada salahnya apabila anda melakukan bisnis awal dengan kolega, karena semua itu bisa anda lakukan semuanya dengan baik dan saling percaya. Jika anda yang sudah menentukan siapa yang akan partner kerja maka anda harus kembangkan dan mampu memberikan hal yang terbaik. Bicarakan semuanya dengan baik dan teratur agar anda dan kolega anda bisa memiliki pemikiran bersama. Tanyakan dan saling bertukar pikir akan cara kerja dan masukan agar bisa sukses bersama. 

Rincian Harga Penjualan dan Pembelian

Jika anda sudah rinci berapa pembelian yang anda lakukan, maka anda bisa hitung berapa harga satuan parfumnya. Memang dalam berbisnis anda harus lebih berani untuk mengambil keputusan jangan sampai anda kalah dengan kesempatan. Meski anda hanya mengambil minimal pembelian saja tidak ada salahnya anda untuk melakukannya.