Types of Banners

Types of Banners

Types of Banners

A banner is a medium that conveys a commercial message. Where the contents of the banner contain several types of promotions, advertisements, and much more. if ordinary people will think banners and banners are the same. Even though if you observe and the pattern of use is actually different,

Usually, banners are prepared to show the products they sell. Banner models are very diverse, so when you see a banner, maybe you will be interested in buying the products they sell. Each medium has a different purpose but has the same function.

Banners function

Eyewareinteractive – Banners are used as advertising media, and promotions or even provide information in each of the posts on the banner. Most companies that release new products will show and provide banners to their customers. Every store that has a new product usually prepares a banner at each end of the entrance.

Of course, many think that there is only one banner model. But did you know that banners can have many types? For those who already know maybe they are not confused anymore. different from those who have never seen it. The following types of banners are:

X – Banners

What are X-banners? What is meant by x-banner is the pole model on the banner installation using the letter X. The pole made of aluminum is light and easy to carry around. In addition to the shape of the x-pole behind it, it will be supported so that when it is erected it will not collapse. You can only find this x-banner model during seminars, product promotions, and new product arrivals. This x-banner model doesn’t cost much. A single -x banner can work for quite some time.

Mini Banner – X

Based on the X – banner has a large size and length. Unlike the mini banner – x which has a small size, it can be placed on the work table or at the cashier’s table.

Roll Banner Model
banner destination//roll model

Banners that are shaped in a rolled-up style. Easy to carry and not complicated. A rolling banner is usually used for special events in the building. So that the products offered are more visible to many people.