Mass media

Mass media

Mass media

Mass media is a medium that collects a lot of information from various places. Media can also be a means of communication. A tool that will convey a lot of news from the wider community. His presence is able to convey a lot of news such as important news from foreign countries and it can also be domestic news.

To be able to get the latest news, we can see it through television, radio, and newspapers. No less than all communication tools, film has also become one of the MassMedia. Of course, many think that the MassMedia is a medium that only spreads gossip.

Media prowess

Eyewareinteractive – Although the mass media can be a tool to spread important news. Both domestic and foreign news. It looks trivial but actually, the mass media can be a deadly tool for all people. Every news is able to raise the opinion of the people around him. So don’t deal with the mass media.

It has been proven the greatness of the MassMedia. The things that the mass media have done as a deadly tool are:
Capable of attracting a lot of public attention
Through mass media, people can express their opinions
Often there are positive and negative responses
Become an appraisal tool
Submit information
The presence of MassMedia can also be a news tool that can boost someone’s life to become more famous. Various types of companies also always invite the mass media in launching new products.

3 things make up news

Seems to put out a lot of breaking news for everyone. The mass media is also not just spreading the news. The news they make is based on their opinions and the means of the information they get. Many people think that the mass media are just giving out the news. But you also have to know that to make MassMedia the best means of communication, you have to arrange some content and words so that there are no mispronunciations.

the power of mass media//teruptudate

There are 3 contents in the media, namely:

News: in watching the news we will see some pictures, photos, and sound in each broadcast. There are also videos that are broadcast to report events in important places. News can be done live.
Opinions: every pieces of news that Are conveyed can trigger many opinions from many people. From this opinion can form a decision. The form of opinion can change a person’s thinking.
Essay: a tool for combining opinions and news. Writing has its own characteristics.


Although the MassMedia can be a means of communication for the wider community. Mass media also has other functions that are good for society. There are many people who express opinions about mass media such as:
As a means of entertaining
Providing entertainment
Hypnotized by every broadcast – Eyewareinteractive

Various types of information in the news and much more
The MassMedia is not just one or two people who move, but the MassMedia also has many important roles. One company is able to move many people to make the mass media move.


Not only in one field but many types of MassMedia, such as:
television news
social media
Radio and more
Once the mass media hears the news that is going viral, they will immediately look for the information until they get it.